it's my BIG news! Warrior Prayers is becoming a real book!

Here it is friends! That piece of big news I've been promising! If you're reading this in an email, click over to join us!. ***********

Three years ago the Lord planted a seed of hope in my heart—that if I prayed His Word for my sons He would listen, hear my heart, and move in all of our lives. A lot has happened since then, and I'd like to share a little of the back story with you today.

A Mom's Prayer

I didn't start praying because I knew what to do, but because I didn't know what else to do. My boys were born just 23 months apart, and they wore me out every single day (still do!). So with 2 Corinthians ringing loudly in my ears (in my weakness, be strong, Lord!) I pecked out some words on the page and shared the hope of my heart with all of you, and Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most was born.

To say that I've been amazed at the way God has used that little eBook is a gross understatement. I've read your emails, status updates, and testimonies friends, and it's clear to me that God is joining together an army of boy moms who are passionate about praying for their sons and who truly believe it's the way we can change the world.

For three years we've talked about doing more with Warrior Prayers.

You've offered me your ideas and opinions on how to make it better, and I've been listening with a full heart. Today, I'm so excited to announce to you that the book YOU helped me write is being published by Bethany House Publishers (an amazing house friends, it's been such an honor to work with them)!

With a brand new title and over 80% new content, Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most will be heading your way in January 2014. It's actually available for pre-order now (at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a lot of your favorite online retailers).

Here's the new cover!

Want to change the world? Pray for your sons! Brooke McGlothlin's brand new Praying For Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most is now available for pre-order!

Friends, this book is as much about you as it is me.

How in the world do I adequately thank the community that so lovingly embraced my simple idea to start a revolution of prayer? How do I thank you for loving this book as much as I do and for encouraging me to make it everything God planned for it to be? How do I thank you for the shared testimonies, the prayers on my behalf, the suggestions, ideas, and commitment to raising godly men?

I'm sure I'll come up with something soon (wink, wink).

For now, suffice it to say that I'm beyond grateful for each and every one of you, and I can't wait to share this book with you. In my humble opinion, it's SO much better than the eBook, so if you're wondering if you should spring for it, when you already have the smaller edition, the answer is YES! In addition to providing an extra 80% of brand new content, Praying for Boys will help you:

  • learn to fight for the hearts of your sons in prayer.
  • look at raising boys as a gift, not a burden.
  • learn to rest and take joy in the fact that God is the only one who can change the hearts of your sons.
  • understand the areas where boys need prayer the most so that you can do battle for them in these areas.
  • increase the amount of meaningful time you spend in prayer for your sons.
  • improve your prayer life.
  • renew your vision for parenting boys.
  • strengthen your faith in God's ability to act on behalf of your son.

One of my favorite parts of the new book are the three chapters that introduce the concept of praying for boys. In those chapters we discuss:

  • Why we're losing our boys, and why getting in the battle for their hearts is more important now than ever before...
  • What prayer is and why we should do it...
  • How to raise good men when we're doing it alone—for both the physically and spiritually single moms...

How You Can Get Involved

Praying for Boys is a book of action. It's a how to and a why to book, and the last thing in the world I want to happen is for you to get it, and then leave it on your shelf for the rest of your life! My prayer is that it will shape the way you pray for your sons from now on, influencing not only their lives, but the lives of generations to come. So I've created a few ways you can get excited about its release, and ensure that as many people as possible are praying. Choose any or all of the options below.

1. Join my launch team.

I'll be putting together a launch team for this book soon. Watch the MOB Society blog for details if you're interested!

2. Pre-order your copy of Praying for Boys!

As I mentioned above, Praying for Boys is available now to pre-order from pretty much anywhere.

3. Join the next 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge!

You've been asking me for months now when we planned to host the next 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge, and we're finally ready to take the plunge! It will be starting February 3rd, 2014, and we'll have exciting details and sign-up opportunities on the MOB Society blog soon!

4. Interested in what happened behind the scenes to bring me to this point?

My journey to publication has been a challenging one, and I've learned so many things along the way that I'm convinced will benefit other aspiring writers. I'm sharing the story here at my blog over the next few weeks, and I would love to have you join me!

That's all folks!

Thank you! Consider yourself prayed over, and virtually hugged by yours truly, because I would not be here today if you hadn't embraced this message when it started, over three years ago. (If you're reading in an email, click over to say hi!)